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November 30, 2006 -

hong kong ethereum Temporal Discontinuities are now hopefully ironed out for now! Please excuse the maintenance. This is a slightly older version of the site, I'm still locating the backup of the most current webpage. All is well, the new site design should be up soon, and with it, some new content!

May 25, 2006 -

Sonic Energy Magazine has done an interview with Quasar. You can read it here:


May 20, 2006 -

The Details are done, now it's time for the fun! --> One Day to be released June 15, 2006! Get yer synapses ready! ;)

Also.... Some of the 2006 Summer Tour Dates have been announced...

March 27, 2006 -

One Day is on it's way to the press!! Hooray, the elves say! ! !

...And back by popular demand... (well, you couldn't call it popular really, so it's more of a demand, but actually, they asked rather nicely now that I come to think of it...) It's...

The Psi_Sp@ce album is back! (for download):

Click here to go to the download page for Psi_Sp@ce

Feb 10, 2006 -

Quasar has just released the DEMO for the One Day album. This is a 15-minute joy ride with your pilot, Jacky Springly. It is on 192-K Mp3 and available right here--------- [ click here for demo download, right click and save as... ]

Jan 20, 2006 -

The One Day album is coming along beautifully, and will be ready for International release in Spring 2006! We have label, artwork, and master. Please see OneDayBlog for more details!

invest in tron Quasar and Dylalien, as the Fractal Cowboys, have just finished the their writing process for a split album with Many Faces, which is Jelly and Dejan. The album name is not yet known, but it will be released on Manic Dragon Records in Hong Kong!

Finally, Quasar has written up some tutorials on how to create trance music, or just how to make that electronic music software work like you want. For now, they will be in the OneDayBlog.

Nov 01, 2005 -

The new web site is here now. Expect more changes, or a redesign, in the near future, as things are moving more quickly now. There will also be more content coming in the next few weeks as we add some girth to web site.

Quasar has started a blog called OneDayBlog. The purpose of the blog is to keep people updated on the progress of the One Day album, as well as give some information about the concepts and technical aspects of the album that would otherwise be unavailable. After One Day, the blog will continue as a techno shaman's rap on the state of trance, philosophy, mysticism, comparative religion, and the modern dilemma.

Oct 21, 2005 -

Album writing is complete!

Oct 06, 2005 -

One more update...The Fractal Cowboys are in negotiations to produce a split album with Naked Tourist (aka Jelly and Dejan!)! If this works out, look for some Alien Mental on there as well.

Oct 06, 2005-

Quasar has scaled back his album release schedule. Originally stated here in "the news," Quasar was at the time working on three simultaneous albums. (that's all at once(!)) Luckily for his brain, there have been some scheduling changes, so the two Fractal Cowboy albums have been delayed. He is currently putting the finishing touches on the Quasar solo album. Then you have artwork, mastering, production, etc... So look for the release in January 2006!

Oct 05, 2005 -

investing in tron Quasar has been working hard on the album, so don't worry about the lack of blog updates! Alas, Quasar has chosen a name for the album and has a story to read that goes with the music. Groovy! Check it out in the OneDayBlog...

Sep 27, 2005 -

Read about the new Quasar album! (due January 2006)

Sep 27, 2005 -

Update: Quasar is doing very well. He is working on three or four albums currently, which should take him until at least next year to complete. On the slate are a Quasar solo album, a Fractal Cowboys/Quasar/Dylalien album for M.O.E records, another conceptual Fractal Cowboys album, and a 1/2 album for Vertigo Records, with Capt'n Ivan Freakout doing the other half! Quasar has had several releases already this summer, and hopes to have a few more releases out before the January, when it is summer in the southern hemisphere! Keep your ears open for any new tracks!

Mar 25, 2005 -

Quasar on Nabi Records!!! Performing on the already infamous Vous Deux - Moonday track!

Mar 25, 2005 -

Quasar will be one of the many great artists featured on the DROPOUT Productions compilation entitled AlienFM! (I like the name.)

Mar 25, 2005 -

The Mistress of Evil is/are at it again with a new compilation! Last comp they had a Fractal Cowboys track. This time the compilation will feature a Quasar track and a track from Dylalien's side project.

Mar 25, 2005 -

Quasar has a new web address: www.quasartrance.com ! Please reset your bookmarks as necessary! Thank you so much to -- Raw Heaven -- for your support!

Jan 15, 2005 -

Web site updated. I made a new logo for 2005. Web site may be up or down in the next week, please check back and thanks for your patience. Another possible track on another possible compilation. Stay tuned for more information.

Nov 15, 2004 -

Quasar has just announced that ANOTHER track will be released on Doof Records ! That makes two!

Nov 15, 2004 -

Web site has changed Locations! We are now at http://www.fractalcowboys.com/quasar Thank you Chunk for the re-direct!!

Nov 08, 2004 -

Quasar track to be released on new Doof Records compilation.

Nov 07, 2004 -

Quasar web site will soon be moving to a much larger planetary information network in order to accommodate the present and future needs and necessities. A redirect will be posted here, otherwise, check www.fractalcowboys.com for the new url.

Oct 28, 2004 -

The About page has been updated, now contains a more accurate history of Quasar.

Oct 20, 2004 -

The web site has been redesigned for maximal information flow!

Oct 17, 2004 -

A Quasar track will be released on the new Goa Gil compilation. Also, look for a Dylalien and an Ocelot track as well.

Oct 16, 2004 -

Fractal Cowboys dj set for M.O.E.

Oct 09, 2004 -

Lum Bought a Me and Hoffman Overdrive debut at Goa Gil's birthday

Oct 05, 2004 -

Fractal Cowboys - Megajesus of Evil released on M.O.E. records. (--> the Fractal Cowboys are Quasar and Dylalien <--)

Aug 08,2004 -

Fractal Cowboys web site is up

Feb 09, 2004 -

Fractal Cowboys - Alien Together Now on Goa Gil's March 2004 Divine Dozen. Quasar also has tracks on the Divine Dozen for October, August, and June of 2003


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