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Neo-goa Trance

Neo-goa Trance is a genre of music inspired by Goa Trance, 60's Rock'n'Roll, Hard Bop, Ragtime, and indeed, any other genre you can think of.
Neo-goa Trance is a sound that came from the East to the West and then travelled back to the East to end back up in the West to, finally, plentify across the globe.
It's Roots go back to the jungles of Africa and the streets of India. Brought to America by Africans, it morphed into Ragtime and then Hard Bop. The youth in America picked up on the vibe and created Rock'n'Roll. Later, Rock inspires many to travel back to the East, to places like India, in search of meaning and enlightenment. Some of these Westerners learn to combine the loud cacophony of Rock with the beat of the tribal trance. These early travellers created Goa Trance as an alternative to the commercial-ridden world of the pop music industry. Containing no lyrics (only a few words) and no standard song structure, Goa Trance was a hard sell for the pop music industry. Yet the music flourished on dancefloors all over the world.
After Goa Trance returned to the West, it reached a polarization. Some took the lighter elements and melodies and created Progressive Trance. Some took the pounding bass and exotic sounds and created Psychedelic Trance. Some took it to a Techno angle, and created Hard Trance and Minimal Trance.
Neo-goa Trance blends all of these qualities back into a new style with a twist.
Neo-goa Trance can be dark or light or happy or sad or emotional or dry or funny or quirky or silly and fun. All in the same song. And it is OK because we are human. We are vast. We contain many parts. The goal of Neo-goa Trance is to touch all of those parts in the best possible way.

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