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Give Peace a Trance (Burning Man RMX)



Divining the Times. This song was written originally for a potluck contest. It was picked up by Ceiba Records and put on a compilation of peace tracks. Also, Goa Gil played this track all over the world and it earned a place in his Divine Dozen. I did a remix for Burning Man and gave it to Gil, since he liked the original so much. Now it is available to you!!

Aft'r Burn'r



This song was written after, and in tribute to, Burning Man. Inspired by the citizens of Black Rock City!




Even Trancers have love songs ;)



This song was inspired by Waking Life. "Freedom, that's what I want, and that's what you should want!"

RuBB3r Bi5cuit (31 w00d RMX)



You'll dance, you'll laugh, you'll cry-- then you wonder why you just listened to it again! Viral Laughter From An Autonomous Continuum In Outer Space.

Mad Alien Logic



I wrote this track before Burning Man. It is for all those mad aliens out there who withstand reason.

Mystik R'yth'ms


This is the sister track to Mad Alien Logic. There is a certain rhythm that courses through our blood and binds us all together. now.

604dLux (burning man RMX)

There is a certain amount of evidence that long before human beings learned to talk, they would sing to communicate...

Fractal Cowboys - White Wedding RMX


This song was originally written as a joke for a friends' wedding...then it developed a cult following! This song is here for reference, but if you find a place for it in your mix, that's great!! Some people think it is one of the top all-time psy-trance songs.

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